Cities around the world are increasingly competing for talent, investment and tourism attraction. The Brussels Capital Region launched its own unprecedented city marketing and branding initiative in 2021.

18 months of research, benchmarking as well as stakeholder and citizen engagement led to a strategic brand platform: In Brussels, We Dare You to Be Yourself.

This Brand Toolkit showcases our new international brand. It is designed to help Brusselers and stakeholders involved in city promotion to tell our Brussels story with a unified voice.(*)

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Our Brand in 1:40

This manifesto film embodies the Brussels brand narrative. It puts people who dare to be themselves at the heart of the message to emphasize Brussels’ authentic personality.

Brand Story

In Brussels, we dare you to be yourself. Brussels is a city with a different point of view. And in an age of independence and fluidity, where #nofilter wins over picture perfect, Brussels offers an authentic, approachable attitude to life. Brussels attracts independent thinkers and non-conformists. We always have. Ours is a history of artists, originals and innovators who choose their own path and stick to their vision. Brusselers cultivate a soil rich in people, diversity and perspective to grow their ideas and shape what’s next. Brusselers, Bruxellois and Brusselaars are optimists who embrace the chaos and the beauty of their perfectly imperfect city. And invite you to do the same.

Experience Principles

When Brussels puts on events and activities, we want to create a very Brussels kind of atmosphere and evoke certain feelings.

In a city less coded, come as you are

Many cities come with expectations, from work culture to pub culture, but Brussels doesn’t subscribe to codes and rules. We accept and welcome you as you are.

Less coded.

In non-conformist Brussels, we have a playful-rebellious spirit

We’re a city of organised chaos that has a smile on its face. We break the rules, but it’s to find new paths, and no-one gets hurt. We don’t follow in others’ footsteps but we don’t take ourselves too seriously either.

Playful Rebellious

We’re approachable so we create unstuffy encounters

We’re a world capital and we’re also a welcoming city of many neighbourhoods. Brussels isn’t intimidating, it’s inviting, easy to get to know and easy to like.


We are authentic, welcoming and diverse

In Brussels, we want you to feel free to be yourself and find your tribe.

Less codded.

We are experimental and playful

In Brussels, we want you to feel free to experiment and explore new pathways.


We are inclusive, convivial and non-hierarchical

In Brussels we want you to feel free to connect and engage beyond.


Essential Guidelines

These guidelines are key marketing and branding references for anyone involved in the promotion and communications of Brussels, from internal teams to third-party marketers, public relation groups, regional partners, etc.

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(*) It is not permissible to use the brand BRUSSELS for purposes other than fundamental societal norms, such as its use for illegal, discriminatory, fraudulent, or violent purposes.

If you have any questions about the new brand BRUSSELS feel free to contact: