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Facts & Figures

Here are a few hard facts that are also fun facts
- a new way to consider Brussels.

1. Enriching quality of life

What gives Brussels such an enviable quality of life? 

Europe’s most welcoming city - Quality of life is feeling at home

With more than 183 nationalities, 24 official languages, a living lab of decision-makers in art, science and sensation, and being Europe’s second-most welcoming for LGBTQI+ community and gender diversity. We speak your language literally and figuratively.

A great place to grow a family - Quality of life is great schools, parks & healthcare

Belgium has one of the best healthcare and educational systems in the world. And with the world living and connecting here, it’s no wonder that we offer 27 international schools. But don't stress about what to do after school; with more than 52% of the region covered in vegetation, there is plenty of green space to further explore.

The avant-garde of culture and food - Quality of life is savouring a region

Brussels has one of the world’s most diverse food scenes. 60% of our 2,500 restaurants are ethnic, and open-air night markets across the region bring together diverse communities around ethnic street food, music and of course beer.

A liveable city - Quality of life is bikes, trains & walking shoes

Brussels has Europe’s largest pedestrian historical center, second only to Venice. Our cobblestone-covered streets call for friendly, less formal footwear. Wear walking shoes!

2. Europe’s Most Welcoming Destination

Why is Brussels’ Europe’s most welcoming destination?

Most diverse & inclusive - Welcome means open hearts and minds

Throughout history, Brussels has always welcomed new ideas and new people. We’re a place where innovators and originators, artists and changemakers from Europe and the world come to be themselves and bring their visions to life. We’re a region of leaders who know how to lead and know how to live.

Most connected, least coded - Welcome means inviting the world to come as it is

Perhaps because we’re in a small country, or because we’re naturally bi-cultural and bilingual (French and Dutch), but Brussels is a melting pot of personalities. We don’t force people to fit in, nor do we take ourselves too seriously. That makes us open to different cultures and viewpoints.

Unparalleled access to the centre of power - Welcome means working with decision-makers.

With so many European and international expats, Brussels has become a hub of networkers: the calendar is full of events, formal or informal, where people gather to grow ideas and shape what’s next.

  • 300 diplomatic delegations
  • 220 000 expats working to make the world a better place
  • 25 000 lobbyists
  • Top rated universities

3. A Capital, Creative City

We're home to innovators, thinkers and originators

We’re the center of the world’s largest transnational democratic initiative- We’re a rather good choice as a base of operations.

Brussels dares to be the center of the world’s largest transnational democratic initiative. Which means we’re home to no fewer than 300 diplomatic missions. Making Brussels a very good place to connect to the world. And to replace a lost passport.

We’re home to people who dare to bring their visions and shape what’s next - A melting pot of people solving the world’s challenges.

Brussels is the Capital of all Europeans. Every day, decisions are made that positively impact the lives of 500 million Europeans. It’s no surprise that Brussels is the #1 European destination for congresses and events (according to Union of International Associations) and the European HQ of more than 1 500 international companies.

4. A City at the Forefront of Innovation

New thinking and new developments put Brussels out in front.

Pioneering new futures, Brussels believes in a better tomorrow

Brussels dares to take the lead on European sustainability. Ranking #1 in walkability, leading in the circular economy, recycling, and healthcare research, we are focused on urban strategies that will rejuvenate and develop our built environment.

Open to Change, An Ever-Evolving City

As much as Brussels embraces its history, we also look toward the future. Here are a few key recent developments:

  • Tour & Taxis is one of Europe’s largest and boldest urban redevelopment projects.
  • The North Quarter’s new developments are leading the way in mixed use and liveability.
  • Canal, which will be home to Brussels’ Kanal Pompidou Center, is becoming a leading creative and artistic neighbourhood.

5. A City of Diverse Neighbourhoods

Brussels is More than the Grand Place

Just as there’s more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower and more to New York than Times Square, the Brussels Region is made up of 19 different municipalities and 118 neighbourhoods. Each has its own history, community and culture. Each dares to be itself and invites visitors and residents to do the same.