Learn everything about how to get involved, and find useful tools to guide you on whether you need to co-brand your next activation (or not!).

When to Use the Brand Brussels

To simplify how and when to use the brand Brussels we have 3 distinct scenarios to help you with co-branding.

Are you specifically looking to promote Brussels as a destination (for either visitors, business, investors, students…)?

This is a Brand Brussels initiative.

Whether part of a larger activation or a simple boiler plate on the destination, this should follow the Brand Brussels guidelines.

There should be no exceptions to how we sell or promote Brussels as a place to live, do business, study, invest in or visit.


Brand Brussels Messaging: Mandatory. 

Brand Brussels design guidelines: Recommended, unless a strong argument not to. 

Exception: institutional communication within the Brussels Region remains under the Iris Regional Umbrella Brand 

Are you a public and/or private partner looking to promote your collective services, sector, or economic cluster?

Brand Brussels can provide a supporting role to unify the partners if the producing lead wishes to do so. In any case, Brand Brussels will serve as an opening boilerplate to introduce the destination.


Brand Brussels Messaging: Recommended - as an opening boilerplate to the destination.

Brand Brussels design guidelines: Possible, based on the wishes of the lead partner.

Are you a standalone partner looking to promote your services or products?

This is not a Brand Brussels activation. If helpful, the partner can use the Brand Brussels messaging to emphasize their proposition or campaign.


Brand Brussels Messaging: Recommended.

Brand Brussels design guidelines: No

Events and Presentations

‘Open House’ #1: General Presentation of the brand Brussels

Last year Brussels launched an ambitious city-marketing initiative to position Brussels as an irresistible place to live, visit, work and play. It is now time to bring the new brand to life.

Are you involved in promoting the region to an international audience, either in marketing, communications or HR?

This 45-minutes presentation will help you understand the story and use of the refreshed brand Brussels.


Q: How do I know if I should use the brand Brussels? 

A: Very good question! If you refer to the ‘When to use the Brand Brussels’ above, you will find all the necessary information to help you understand if you can co-brand your activation with the Brussels brand or not. 


Q: Can I use the images from the photo library? 

A: Feel free to explore and download any images you like from the photo library. You can use them for all co-branding needs, but keep in mind that the images are for non-commercial use only. 


Q: Can I be part of this City Marketing Initiative? 

A: Sure, we would be so pleased to have you on board. There are two ways to learn more about the brand: you can attend any future virtual presentation—happening soon—to learn more about the project (see ‘Events and Presentations’ above); or you can get involved as an Ambassador. Fill the Ambassador subscription form below, and we will be in touch shortly!

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