Here are a few examples of brand activations, from trade missions to International events. The Brussels brand flourishes everywhere!

Advertorial in The Financial Times

An advertorial was published in the Financial Times, written and designed in line with the tone, look and feel of the new Brussels international brand. It describes the close relationship between the United Kingdom and the Brussels-Capital Region and the region's competitive advantage in attracting British decision-makers and stakeholders.

Brussels Boutique x London

The third Brussels House opened in London during Fashion Week to showcase Brussels fashion and design. This pop-up store, which will close its doors at the end of December, was set up by on the world-famous Regent Street, thus giving pride of place in the English capital to the very best of Brussels' gastronomy, fashion, design, arts and crafts.

Brussels House x Barcelona

The second Brussels House was inaugurated in Barcelona during Barcelona Design Week. The Brussels House x Barcelona offers a unique environment for art and design that's made in Brussels. The aim? To showcase the region’s appeal, attract international talent and enabling the audience to experience Brussels in a vibrant and captivating way.

Brussels House x Milan

The Brussels House concept showcases the region and its wealth of products and services to an international clientele. The first Brussels House was created by and in Milan. The Brussels House x Milan branding embodies the region’s culture and exemplifies the capital’s ‘Dare to Be Yourself’ character in Italy. 

Brussels photo book

To unveil Brussels’ new brand image and ‘storytelling’ to its international partners, the Brussels-Capital Region partnered with four local photographers to conceptualise and create a one-of-a-kind diplomatic gift. This collection of photographs tells stories of the Brussels experience with moments captured in time, spotlighting the region’s beauty and authenticity through images of its people and landscape. in Venice Biennale, in partnership with the State Secretary for Foreign Trade, used the Venice Architecture Biennale as an opportunity to explore the Italian construction market and promote the Brussels region to Italian companies and foreign investors. The two organizations utilized the updated Brussels brand to support its networking event with Brussels branded aprons, coasters and napkins, along with activations such as a live muralist, music and a casual bar—all of which aligned with the new Brussels brand.

Brussels Urban Summit - June 2023

As part of the Brussels Urban Summit (BUS) an initiative for inclusive growth, the lounge area for the event was conceptualized around the brand Brussels and its experience principles. The branded Brussels Capital-Region booth, recreation spaces, and working zones offered a place for people to meet, present, gather, and discuss both the themes of the event and the true essence of the region.

Brussels Days x Barcelona & Madrid

Organized jointly by, and, Brussels Days promotes the region and highlights its know-how abroad. In 2023, the Brussels brand made its debut in Madrid and Barcelona, effectively positioning the Region on the international scene through this prime networking opportunity.