What is a Brussels House?

Brussels Houses are, above all, a showcase for the best that Brussels has to offer! With their mix of business and tourism, they are guaranteed to make you want to see and try out Brussels for yourself. They are venues that have been set up in a number of cities around the world, bringing together Brussels players with a local presence, who share a common objective of promoting Brussels abroad. They are economic, tourist, creative, cultural and academic springboards for the region. Places for networking events and business meetings.

Brussels Houses are little pieces of Brussels recreated elsewhere, where guests and visitors can feel immersed in the capital, thanks to the atmosphere of a modern, contemporary Brussels interior. They are places where you can feel the Brussels way of life, surrounded by the positive energy of new projects from young companies ready to export themselves. People come to Brussels Houses to discover, discuss and build new links between the host city and Brussels. These venues are the result of close collaboration between hub.brussels and visit.brussels.

Why Milan?

Brussels House Milano opened its doors in February 2023. Milan was not chosen at random to host this first Brussels House. As the capital of Italian fashion, design, architecture and gastronomy, it offers numerous business opportunities for Brussels-based designers and craftspeople looking to expand internationally. Brussels House Milano is responsible for Italy, Malta and San Marino. 

As its 8th largest customer for goods, Italy also represents a major market for Brussels. Brussels House,therefore, gives our region a considerable advantage for fuelling the growing interest from this country.



visit.brussels is also present in Brussels House to promote business and leisure tourism to professionals in the sector. Immersed in the Brussels atmosphere, professionals are guided by our attaché to discover and get to know Brussels better. From group cultural trips to school trips on the subject of Europe and the organisation of professional events, Brussels House is your gateway to Brussels. It's a place where Italian and Brussels tourism and culture professionals can meet and exchange ideas. Press conferences, training courses for travel agents and tour operators, and even chocolate workshops are just some of the many activities organised in Brussels House.



Ursula Jone Gandini
Direttore Italia Ufficio del Turismo di Bruxelles
Via Gaetano De Castillia 23
20024 Milano
+39 347 50 97 739